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Dress Code

  • Golf Course
  • Clubhouse

No denim permitted on the golf course or practice facilities. Proper golf shoes (no metal spikes) or other athletic-type shoes are required on the course, practice range and putting greens. No street shoes or bare feet are permitted. Sports jerseys or clothing with large printed phrases or slogans are not permit-ted on the golf course. Cargo shorts or cargo pants with outside protruding pockets are not permitted.


Tailored slacks, Bermuda styled shorts (knee length or no shorter than 5" above the center of the back of the knee), collared I mock collared shirts with sleeves. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times, except for pullover shirts with a fitted banded waist. Hats and visors are to be worn bill forward


Golf skirts, skorts, tailored slacks, capris or Bermuda styled shorts (no shorter than the length of one's fingertips when standing) are allowed. Women's shirts must have either sleeves or collars or both, and should be long enough to cover the belt line while at rest.

Country Club casual is acceptable, except for special events that have a defined dress requirement. Golf and Tennis attire is acceptable. Men's shirts must have either a collar or a turtle neck. All shirts must be tucked in, unless it is designated to be un-tucked. Sweaters are acceptable without a collar. Hoodies are not acceptable. Foot-wear must be worn - sandals are acceptable, however flip flops and slides are not acceptable. Dress denim slacks, Capri pants, Dress Denim or designer jeans in good repair and not faded are permitted worn properly above the hip.

Clubhouse: Gender Specific:


Denim pants and shorts are permitted throughout the Clubhouse and must be tasteful and in good condition (no rips, tears, holes or bleached condition). No Cargo Pants or Cargo Shorts are permitted with exterior pockets. Fitness or workout attire is only allowed in the fitness room and locker rooms. No hats are allowed to be worn in the Clubhouse.


Dress Denim apparel of any color or design are permitted throughout the Clubhouse. Denim must be tasteful and in good condition (no rips, tears, holes or bleached conditions). Shirts, blouses and dresses must cover the midriff area. Short shorts, short skirts and short dresses are not acceptable. Yoga wear is not acceptable in the Clubhouse, unless specifically worn while attending yoga classes.

The following is the required attire for members dining in the Oak Room on Friday & Saturday after 5:00pm:

•          Shirts are to be tucked in

•          No dress denim

The Men's Grill does allow for fitness attire and casual shoes.