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After a year of hiatus due to Covid-19 and the pandemic, the RCC Scholarship fund will award scholarships again in 2021. In five prior years, the fund has distributed a total of $68,500 to 39 worthy students, on average $1,750 per recipient. This year the fund will distribute approximately $12,000 depending on the number and strength of the applications.
The fund was established in late 2014 with a generous seed contribution from Tim and Carol Rochford and other initial donors whose names are memorialized on the RCC Scholarship Fund plaque inside the clubhouse. Instead of having to establish their 501c3, the RCC Scholarship Fund partners with the Redlands Community Foundation who facilitates the collection of member donations, and distributes scholarship checks. This way member donations are tax-deductible. The present balance of the RCC Scholarship Fund with the Redlands Community Foundation is just over $100,000. It is the goal of the committee that between an annual event or soft ask of members to support the fund, along with a normal distribution from the endowment, the fund can distribute $10,000 to $15,000 ongoing each year.
Students can apply for a scholarship if they are employees of RCC, or dependents of family employed by RCC. The goal of granting scholarships is to further any educational pursuit, which includes college, tech, and trade schools. The 39 prior recipients reflect the diversity of the grants from formal four-year universities to one young man going to welding school. The application window opens in late spring with awards granted in June. The scholarship selection committee is made up of eight to ten club members who have an interest and experience with the scholarship process.
If you are interested in more information about the Scholarship Fund or it’s practices, please contact Erica Banda at (909) 793-2661